About Enlightenment

The quest for The Truth has been there for centuries and were attempted by Enlightened Masters and Gnanis, who having realised the Supreme Truth,had guided the mankind, both in the East and West. But path of Enlightenment was not easily available and the seekers all over the world are left to themselves to identify a True Master.  Few succeeded, while the rest are in various levels of despair, exhaustion and helplessness. Were these few a selected ones?

Therefore, the Supreme Truth was the pocket borough of select Gnanis and Masters.It is not known as to how and why,this truth, or the path to attain it was not widely publicised,as it happens in any of scientific or technological discoveries and inventions. There seems to be no mind perceivable reason for such an opaqueness in the matter of Enlightenment. Nor were there attempts by the spiritually advanced and  learned men to decode the mystery and popularise the Truth of Nature, that is Enlightenment.

What is Enlightenment? It is nothing but the restoration of the intrinsic connection between man and  Supreme Intelligence. The natural bridge that exists of all times between the human and The Supreme intelligence has never been broken nor will it be ever done! The masters of the West, by far,very few in number and the Masters of the East, thousands of them, have found the way in their own unique style and function.

But it remains a fact that thousands and thousands of seekers of Truth are not able to advance further in their path and are left wondering as to the efficacy of their efforts.The search continues without any sign of a goalpost!

In such a situation a rare Master , Sri Bagavath has come out with a simple but elegant understanding about the Absolute Truth in order to become Enlightened! Sri Bagavath,is a rare phenomena, in as much as, he simply reveals the Truth explicitly, which can cause a revolution in the field of Spirituality!

Sri Bagavath is a rarity! The seekers of the Supreme Truth, will be dumbfounded when they listen to his discourse on Enlightenment! In fact the sayings of the various Masters , which were,hitherto, couched in the unknown, will become abundantly clear, just as everything under the sun is!

Come let us get Enlightened! Let us restore the connection between us and the Supreme Intelligence! By becoming Enlightened, let us become the authentic humans , which process alone will bring in peace, happiness and serenity over the entire world! 

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